The Centre for Future Energy Networks runs regular monthly seminars on power systems and power electronics.

Upcoming Seminars

Presentation 1Local Electricity Markets in Europe: Review and Perspectives
PresenterMs Chloé Fournely (Laboratory of Energy Policy in Ljubljana, Slovenia)
InviterProf Gregor Verbic
Presentation 2Dynamic State Estimation for Modern Power Systems
PresenterMr Milos Katanic (ETH Zurich)
InviterProf Gregor Verbic

Privious Seminars

Presentation 1A WPT System with Multiple Decoupled Transmitter and Receiver
PresenterMr Amran Hossain
SupervisorA/Prof Weidong Xiao
Presentation 2A Hybrid Method for Automatic Power Loss Estimation of Soiling PV Modules
PresenterMr Xuan Jiao
SupervisorA/Prof Weidong Xiao
Presentation 3Revolving Credit Planning Strategy for Energy Trading in DERs.
PresenterMs Weiyi Tian
SupervisorDr Jeremy Qiu

Presentation 1Optimal Energy Management for Grid Integration of Distributed Energy (Thesis oral presentation practice (one hour))
PresenterMs Yu Yi
SupervisorProf Gregor Verbic
Presentation 2Data Security and Privacy-Preserving Concerns in Smart Grid
PresenterMr Yuan Ma
SupervisorDr Jeremy Qiu

Presentation 1Integrating Residential Virtual Power Plants into a Market Framework for Future Grid Analysis
PresenterMr Mohsen Aldaadi
SupervisorProf Gregor Verbic
Presentation 2A One-Stop Platform for Efficient, Robust, and High-Fidelity Power Electronics Controller Design, Testing, and Implementation
PresenterMs Wanrong Li
SupervisorDr Sinan Li
Presentation 3Revolutionizing the Way Our Gadgets Charge: A Glimpse into Efficient Converters
PresenterMr Lei Wang
SupervisorDr Sinan Li
Presentation 4A Soft-Switched Microinverter with Continuous-Conduction-Mode Grid-Side Inductor Current
PresenterMr Jinghang Li
SupervisorDr Sinan Li

Presentation 1Optimal Coordination for Multiple Network Constrained VPPs via Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning
PresenterMr Xiao Liu
SupervisorProf Joe Zhu
Presentation 2Degradation Knowledge Diagnosis based SOH Estimation of LFP Battery
PresenterMr Xin Lu
SupervisorProf Joe Zhu
Presentation 1Planning of EVCS with PV and BESS using Fuzzy Inference System
PresenterMr Jiafeng Lin
SupervisorDr Jeremy Qiu
Presentation 2Research on improving the robustness of load forecasting model under cybersecurity
PresenterMr Tianqi Liu
SupervisorDr Jeremy Qiu


Prof Gregor Verbic