Welcome to the Power Engineering Research Group

Our mission is to tackle the complex challenges facing the industry in the development of future energy grids at a pace amongst the fastest in the world, from major systems-level issues, including the security, reliability and resilience of grids dominated by inverter-interfaced generation, electricity market design for zero marginal-cost generation and harnessing the capability of prosumer-owned distributed energy resources.

To facilitate the required flexibility for integrating diverse resources, we aim to advance the state of the art of power electronics research by developing innovative and efficient converters to minimise the size, weight, and cost while maximising their efficiency, reliability, and functionality. Through cutting-edge research, we aim to address critical challenges the industry faces in power conversion for various applications, from renewable power generation, DC microgrids, DC distribution systems and the impact of increasingly electric transportation.

Our research group envisions a future with resilient, reliable, and sustainable energy grids, accommodating diverse energy sources and enabling prosumer participation. We strive to be a leading research centre in the field of future energy grids, collaborating with national and international industrial partners and educating the next generation of researchers and energy professionals.


Prof Gregor Verbic