Our experts: Associate Professor Jin Ma, Professor Gregor Verbic

Our academic partners: Monash University, ETH

Our industry partners: Australian Energy Market Operator

The increasing penetration of variable renewable energy sources such as wind and solar connected through power electronic inverters and the diminishing role of conventional dispatchable synchronous generation fundamentally change the power system behaviour.

We apply advanced power system dynamic modelling and control techniques to investigate the stability of power systems with a predominant share of inverter-based resources (IBR). We focus on real-life industry problems, such as inertia and network strength, and fundamental scientific studies through complex and dynamic system theory. We have expertise in the grid-connected inverter control and the system-level stability control. We aim to develop systematic and scientific stability study methodologies and tools to understand the complex dynamics of the IBR-penetrated power systems and to enable the transition to a zero-carbon energy system. 


Prof Gregor Verbic