Our experts: Professor Gregor Verbic

Our academic partners: The University of Sydney Waste Transformation Research Hub

Our industry partners: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Renewable energy sources are replacing fossil fuel generation, and electricity users are now more actively involved as prosumers with small-scale distributed generation, storage, and flexible demand. At the same time, new energy carriers are replacing fossil fuels with the associated power-to-X technologies emerging as a driver to net-zero energy systems. All these changes, while potentially making the energy system more responsive, efficient, and resilient, pose significant implementation challenges.

We aim to resolve key technical barriers to facilitate the transition to net zero, enabling operations across interdependent domains to ensure more sustainable energy generation, delivery, and utilisation solutions in this new energy era. This endeavour considers resource provisioning challenges and aligns with the principles of a circular economy.

The outcome will include a sound and robust suite of models and associated methodologies for future energy networks’ study, analysis, and design.


Prof Gregor Verbic